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Our Daily Bread

  • Year: 1934
  • Runtime: 74
  • Rating: NR
  • Color Format: B&W

  • Genres:

  • Keywords:
    Karen Morley; Tom Keene; King Vidor; Drama; Romance
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Times are hard during the Great Depression. So a group of unemployed workers, led by urban couple John and Mary Sims, take up residence on a communal farm to try to fend for themselves. In this companion piece to his silent classic, “The Crowd” (1928), writer/director King Vidor appears to question capitalist values while painting a compelling picture of the struggle and hardships faced by Americans during this troubled economic period. The film is not without its entertaining moments. Nor has any of its relevance faded—particularly in light of today’s economic climate.

Starring & Director

Karen Morley; Tom Keene

King Vidor

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