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Meet John Doe

  • Year: 1941
  • Runtime: 122
  • Rating: NR
  • Color Format: B&W

  • Genres:

  • Keywords:
    Gary Cooper; Barbara Stanwyck; Frank Capra; Drama
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A female newspaper reporter writes a final column, a phony story of a man who plans to jump off of City Hall on Christmas Eve, as a protest of the mistreatment of the common people in society. When the article is a hit, the reporter must come up with someone to impersonate the man she fabricated, so she recruits a down on his luck former ballplayer to take on the identity. When the newspaper publisher, with aspirations towards a Presidential bid, plots to use the man for his political gain, the reporter and the ballplayer are forced to make a decision about keeping up the ruse.

Starring & Director

Gary Cooper; Barbara Stanwyck

Frank Capra

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