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Dick Tracy (15 Episodes)

  • Year: 1937
  • Runtime: 290
  • Rating:
  • Color Format: B&W

  • Genres:

  • Keywords:
    Action; Crime; Thriller
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In this 15 episode serial, Dick Tracy, played by Ralph Byrd, is up against a master criminal called The Spider. Based on the cartoon strip by Chester Gould, it also stars Kay Hughes and Smiley Burnette. Episode 1: Spider Strikes Episode 2: The Bridge of Terror Episode 3: The Fur Pirates Episode 4: Death Rides the Sky Episode 5: Brother Against Brother Episode 6: Dangerous Waters Episode 7: The Ghost Town Mystery Episode 8: Battle in the Clouds Episode 9: The Stratosphere Adventure Episode 10: The Gold Ship Episode 11: Harbor Pursuit Episode 12: The Trail of the Spider Episode 13: The Fire Trap Episode 14: The Devil in White Episode 15: Brothers United

Starring & Director

Ralph Byrd; Kay Hughes; Smiley Brunette

Alan James; Ray Taylor

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